2 Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Those With Limited Budgets

Thanks to innovations in the field, cosmetic dentistry is now an option for individuals of all income levels, not merely those with unlimited disposable income. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive smile makeover, or you simply want to address the imperfections in one or two teeth, a cosmetic dentist will almost certainly have solution to fit your budget. This article outlines some of the various cosmetic dentistry implements available to those on a limited budget, and the price-points for each.

Snap-On Smile

One of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing approaches to smile-enhancement is an implement known as the snap-on smile. It is essentially a thin arrangement of cosmetic teeth that snap over an individual's actual teeth. It is designed to cover either your upper arch or your lower arch, although if you're looking for corrective implements for both arches, you will need to consult with your dentist.

Snap-on smiles are great for those with missing, crooked, or stained teeth, but who don't necessarily have the budget to finance multiple crowns, veneers, or implants. Snap-on smiles can also eliminate gaps in teeth and the loss in enamel over time.

The procedure is a fairly simple one and can generally be completed in just one or two visits. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and from that, a mold will be custom-fabricated just for you. Best of all, your snap-on smile can cost as little as $1000 (see Typical Costs).

Inlays & Onlays

For those individuals who are living with damaged or cracked teeth but whose overall smile is still pleasing, a dental inlay or onlay may be the best solution. Inlays are designed to cover the precise damaged area of the tooth, while onlays cover a slightly larger portion of the overall tooth.

Inlays and onlays are specifically molded to 'fill in' the damaged portion of your tooth, without obscuring the natural enamel surrounding the imperfection. This type of cosmetic procedure is often utilized when the patient has chips or large cavities in his or her teeth that need to be addressed.

If there is one tooth that is affecting the overall appearance of your smile, an inlay or onlay is probably the best solution. The average cost per tooth of this kind of treatment is around $900, although depending on damaged area, this number may increase or decrease. Still, it is generally much less expensive than other cosmetic options.

Overall, even on a limited budget, there are many cosmetic dentistry procedures available that can help restore the brilliance and aesthetic appearance of your smile.