Getting Help When A Tooth Was Knocked Out Of Its Socket

If your child had an occurrence where their tooth was knocked out of the socket due to an accident, getting help quickly can possibly save the tooth. Getting to an emergency dentist within a half an hour is recommended. If the tooth's root dries up before you get your child to a dentist, the tooth cannot be saved. Here are some instructions to follow so the tooth has a better chance at having a favorable attachment.

Try Replacing The Tooth

Pick up the tooth by the crown end so the root does not become contaminated by bacteria that may be on your hand. Close the drain on a sink and rinse off the tooth with a bit of water. Do not attempt to scrub or clean the tooth with any type of cleanser. Try placing the tooth back into the socket it fell out from, making sure it is placed in the same direction that it was facing before it was knocked out. Have your child bite down on a piece of gauze to keep the tooth in place.

Keep The Tooth Moist

If you cannot get the tooth into the socket, it will need to be transported in liquid so the root does not dry up on the way to get help. Milk works best at keeping a tooth wet without stripping it of essential tissues needed for the reattachment process. Water is not  recommended for tooth transport.

If you do not have milk readily available, have your child place the tooth between their bottom teeth and gum area so their saliva will keep it moist. If your child is too young to do this themselves, you can hold it in your own mouth instead, as any saliva will help keep it from drying. The tooth will be cleaned and rinsed before it is adhered so bacteria that may have gotten on the tooth from your mouth will not be an issue.

Get Medical Assistance

Take your child to an emergency dentist immediately. Call on your way to the facility so they will be prepared for your arrival, avoiding the need to check in or have the facility find an available dentist when time should not be wasted. If an emergency dentist is not available in your area, call your regular dentist, as they may be able to do the same procedure right in the office.

If the incident occurs during off hours, bring your child to an emergency room. Call the hospital to alert them that you need a tooth re-inserted so they can have a dentist readily available to await your arrival.

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