Emerging Tech Breakthrough For Regrowing Your Natural Teeth

Everyone wants to have as natural a smile as possible, but real life eventually gets in the way for everyone. Fortunately, there are some new technologies that work for cosmetic dentistry to regrow your natural teeth and get back the smile you had when you were younger.

Electric Remineralization

One emerging technique is called "electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization," which is a fancy way of accelerating the natural healing abilities of your teeth. Traditionally, repairing teeth even with a focus on cosmetic appearance relied on using something external, like a filling, to fill in holes in your teeth caused by decay, but this may be no longer necessary.

Instead, this technique uses a small electric current to force minerals into the decayed area of a tooth in order to make it whole again naturally. The advantage of this approach is that it uses what your body does anyway, instead of constantly pushing minerals towards artificial fillings until they fail and have to be reset again.

Your body is losing minerals all the time through your teeth since acidic materials have this effect. While your body does what it can to fix this issue on its own by pushing minerals back into the area, the electric remineralization approach can greatly aid the effort, giving you back your natural teeth. The technology is still a few years away at present, however.

Laser Regeneration

Another process your teeth constantly does on its own involves activating stem cells. These cells are essentially cells that can turn into anything the body needs for them to be.  One new approach seeks to take advantage of the body's natural regenerative ability by stimulating stem cell growth.

According to the National Institutes of Health, one approach is to use lasers. There's every indication that using low-power laser light to activate stem cells will create ways of regrowing your natural teeth in the future. In particular, this approach has been used to allow molars that are breaking down to regrow dentin, which is the core part of your teeth.

The tech has also been used to help control inflammation and pain troubles as well as rejuvenate skin in the area as well. Studies indicate that laser light can help induce the stem cells in your teeth to reproduce faster and provide the damage part of your mouth with the resources it needs to make your teeth look the way that they used to all on their own. Contact a cosmetic dentist, like Nittany Dental Associates, to find out what procedures are currently available for your dental needs.