Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Can Repair Your Chipped Front Tooth

If you have a chipped front tooth, it can make you feel uncomfortable to smile and show your teeth. If the chip is recent, it may still be rough, and that can irritate the inside of your lip or your tongue. A cosmetic dentist can fix a chipped tooth in a variety of ways depending on the location and size of the chip. Here are some of the options you may want to consider.

Enamel Contouring

If the chip is fairly small and on the bottom tip of your tooth, the dentist may be able to shave off the edges to make the chipped portion disappear. Since this permanently removes part of your enamel, this treatment is only appropriate if the chip is small and if the tooth is long enough that removing a portion of it won't be noticeable. This is also the quickest and easiest way to repair your tooth, and you don't even need an anesthetic.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a good option if the chip is still fairly small even though it may be too large to correct with contouring. Bonding fills in the chip with a white resin material. No drilling is involved, so you don't need anesthetic for this procedure either. The dentist roughs up the surface of the tooth enamel so the bonding material will stick. The adhesive and resin are then painted on the tooth and shaped to match the contour of your natural tooth so the repairs are not obvious. Once the resin hardens in place, the chip is gone and you can chew on the tooth as you normally would.


If the chip is fairly large, the dentist may recommend a veneer. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that fits on top of your tooth. The dentist matches the porcelain to your tooth color and matches the shape to your other teeth. The veneer completely covers your tooth, so any imperfections under it are hidden. First, the dentist needs to shave off part of your tooth enamel so the porcelain shell can slide into place and not stick out farther than your other teeth. The shell is applied with dental adhesive that permanently bonds the veneer to the tooth. A veneer looks natural because porcelain has similar qualities to natural enamel when it comes to color and shine.

You can have your chipped tooth repaired whether the injury is old or recent. However, if you have recently damaged the tooth, you should see a dentist for an examination. In addition to affecting your appearance, a chip can affect the health of your tooth and increase your risk of decay. If the chip is very big, your tooth could be weaker and at risk for further chipping if you delay getting dental treatment.

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