How To Handle A Dental Emergency For Your Child

Children can be quite clumsy. They fall down learning to ride a bike, slip while ice skating or fall on their face when sledding. However the falls, slips and trips happen, your child may end up with bruises or worse a chipped, cracked or lost tooth. It may be difficult to keep calm in that situation, but it's important to remain calm to help calm your child. If your hysterical, imagine how your child will react. A chipped, cracked or lost tooth is considered a dental emergency. See how to handle these emergencies just in case the need arises, you know exactly what to do.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can be painful, especially if the nerve is exposed and depending on how much has broken or chipped off. If your child is in pain or bleeding, contact the pediatric dentist right away. To help with the pain, you can give your child a cold compress to help alleviate any swelling. Also have your child rinse their mouth out with water. If the tooth was broken off, try to find the piece of tooth that broke off. Place it in a small cup of milk and bring it to the dentist to help save the tooth.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Again, rinse your child's mouth out with water and apply a cold compress to help with any swelling or discomfort. If there is any bleeding, you can apply gauze to help stop the bleeding. Baby teeth cannot be saved, so it's best to tend to your child rather than try to look for the tooth. Also, never try to replace the tooth in the opening, as you can damage the permanent tooth underneath. Even though the tooth cannot be saved, it's still best to contact your child's dentist.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

Look for the missing tooth, as a permanent tooth can be saved if the proper steps are taken. Rinse the tooth in cool water, being sure to keep it away from the drain. Then place it in a cup or other container of milk and bring it to the dentist. If possible, you can try to fit it back into the opening and hold it there gently using a piece of gauze or a washcloth until you can get to the dentist. You need to get to the dentist right away to prevent the tooth from dying.

Children fall and have all types of accidents every single day. In the event one of these falls or accidents results in a dental emergency, contact your child's dentist right away and try your best to remain calm.

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