Need Dentures? Why Soft Dentures Could Be Ideal for You

When it comes to dentures, soft dentures will be very comfortable when compared to their more traditional alternative.  You may not even be aware that soft dentures have become more standard for those getting dentures. This is because they have flexibility while providing the firm grip required for chewing.  There is no slipping and no pain, which makes it appealing to those that need dentures.  Here is what you need to know about soft dentures, which could convince you to get them for yourself.  

How Soft Dentures Have a Snug Fit

Soft dentures are able to provide the level of comfort that they do because of their snug fit.  Your jaw has ridges that tend to be broad where your gums and teeth meet, while curving slightly inward toward the teeth.  The curve is called the undercut, and is a problem for traditional dentures.  Soft dentures flex inward to fit snugly over the gums, which match that undercut. 

Why a Snug Fit Is Beneficial

The biggest benefit of having a snug fit with your dentures is that you won't have to worry about food getting trapped underneath them.  This can often lead to an embarrassing situation when you're out to eat with friends or family and need to adjust your dentures because food found its way in the gap. 

How Flexibility Creates Dependability

While it is true that soft dentures will deteriorate faster than traditional dentures with an acrylic base, they can be much more dependable during the time that you are wearing them.  The resin helps the material rest against the gums better, so there is less of a need to have the dentures adjusted over time.  Soft dentures can be relined if necessary, but you'll find that your comfort level won't dictate the need for realignment like traditional dentures do.  There will be fewer painful sores because you don't have the constant pressure points from a hard material.

Why Those With Allergies Should Get Soft Dentures

The material made to use soft dentures is also hypo-allergenic.  If you have allergies to acrylic material and need dentures, this makes the soft denture material ideal for you to wear on a daily basis.  In addition, the material looks better, with a pink hue to it that looks like your natural gums.

For more information about soft dentures, speak to a dentist like those at Bristol Dental Group about how to correct your missing teeth.