Is Your Spouse Having Dental Implants Placed? 3 Tips To Help Them Prepare

Today, new dental options such as implants have revolutionized the way missing teeth are replaced. Whether your spouse is having a single implant placed to restore the aesthetics of their smile or implants are being used as a base for their dentures, they can look forward to being able to eat and speak normally soon after their procedure. While surgery for dental implants is designed to be as comfortable as possible for patients, your spouse may still need some helping preparing for their procedure. Use these tips to help them get ready for the restoration of their smile.

Prepare a Soft Diet

After your spouse's dental implants are placed, they may have sore gums for a few days that interfere with their ability to eat a normal diet. However, that does not mean that all of their favorite foods are off the table. Talk to your spouse about their preferred options for a soft diet that allows them to get the nutrients they need for optimal healing without irritating the surgery site. For instance, warm soups with soft vegetables are great for lunch and dinner. Your spouse may also enjoy pasta dishes or smoothies, depending upon their tastes. Once you plan a soft diet, go shopping so that your pantry is stocked with their preferred foods when they get home.

Plan Your Schedule Carefully

Some people feel comfortable heading back to work the day after their implant surgery while others need a few days to feel better. Encourage your spouse to take the full day off of work when they have their surgery, and try to plan any optional events to happen at least a week after the procedure. This gives your spouse time to rest their body so that the implant site can fully heal.

Arrange for Transportation Home

Your spouse's dentist may use several different options for pain relief during the procedure such as sedation or topical anesthesia. Find out if your loved one will be able to drive after the procedure since the majority of pain management strategies can cause dizziness or fatigue for several hours after the surgery so that you can arrange for them to have a ride home. Keep in mind that your loved one may need to pick up medications after the surgery so be ready to help with this part of their recovery as well.

Dental implants are one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth since they help maintain the strength of the jawbone while functioning similarly to natural teeth. By making sure that your spouse has everything they need in place for a full recovery, you can look forward to seeing them smile again shortly after their procedure. Visit a site like for more help.