FAQ About Replacing Missing Teeth

Did you decide that getting your front teeth extracted was in your best interest after they were badly chipped in an accident? If you now live with the embarrassment of having a large empty space in the front of your mouth while smiling, there is a way to resolve the problem. It is actually in your best interest to replace the missing teeth to prevent other things from happening to your teeth. Getting your mouth examined by a dentist is the first measure that should be taken to restore your teeth. Browse the list of questions and answers in the content below to learn important information about missing teeth.

Why Is It Ideal to Replace Missing Teeth?

Replacing missing teeth is a good ideal because leaving an empty space between your teeth can cause more gaps in the long run. The reason why is because the other teeth in your mouth can begin to slowly shift out of their position. You will notice that the small spaces between each teeth is getting bigger as time passes by. If you think that the large space that was left behind after getting your front teeth extracted is embarrassing, the problem will become more difficult to cope with if the teeth are not replaced.

What Is a Good Replacement Option?

One replacement option might be to get dental implants installed, but it depends on your overall oral health. Dental implants are a great option because they look completely natural and you don't have to remove them. A dental implant is simply a piece of metal that is designed for placement in the jawbones to act as a root. The meta posts can actually attach to your bones after some time has passed by. When the dentist feels as though the posts are stable enough, he or she then can attach abutments and artificial teeth to them.

Are Artificial Teeth Secure and Reliable?

The security of artificial teeth depends on which type is chosen as replacements. For instance, if you were to opt for removable dentures, they won't be as secure and reliable as dental implants. Opting for dental implants is a wise decision because they will be as secure as your natural teeth, as they are installed in the manner in which natural teeth grow from jawbones. Implants will also be reliable when it comes to eating food and not worrying about them falling out of your mouth in a public place like a restaurant. You should also be able to rely on the implants to last for many years to come without having to invest in a lot of maintenance, other than going to regular dental check-ups as with your natural teeth.

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