Going Beyond: The Cosmetic And Function Benefits Of Receding Gums Surgery

If you've had gum disease in the past for a long period of time, chances are its left some nasty signs behind of its existence. Even once gum disease is cured and no longer a threat to your health, the damage has already been done and it can result in some cosmetic imperfections that can also put your teeth at risk. If you're tired of feeling and looking this way, the good news is that a cosmetic dentist can help you to boost your appearance and even boost the protection of your teeth. Here's how:

What it Does

Getting gum surgery sounds like it might be difficult or hard, but it's a common procedure for cosmetic dentists to perform. For people who have lost gum tissue due to gum disease, it's necessary to get extra tissue from somewhere else to help rebuild the gums. This is usually done with donor tissue or by taking small slivers of the tissue from the roof of your mouth.

In either case, the tissue is cut down, cleaned, and then attached to your gums surgically. Over time, the body gradually incorporates the new tissue into the gums, and it forms a new, healthy gum covering for your teeth that doesn't look abnormally short or inflamed, as it may now prior to you having the issue.

How it Improves Cosmetically

There's a lot going on when it comes to how good your smile look that go beyond your teeth. The height and length of your gums can make an otherwise perfect smile look terrible, and a gum graft fixes this problem.

When your gums are very short, it can make your teeth look overly long and awkward. By restoring your gums back to their original height, your teeth look more balanced in size and the overall composition of your smile appears more natural.

How It Improves Functionality

Your gums are of course there to support your teeth and to protect them. Gums are one of the first lines of defense against food, debris, and bacteria making it into the lower parts of your teeth. This is especially important, as the part of your teeth that's normally covered by your gums lacks enamel, as the gums do the job of protecting this part of the teeth instead.

When your gums are too short, that part of the teeth become exposed and can be at risk of developing cavities. You may also have some nerve sensitivity in the exposed portion of the tooth. Hiding this part of the tooth under new gum tissue will prevent further risk of infection, cavities, and will reduce sensitivity.

Gum grafts serve two major purposes: they make you look good, and they make you feel good. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about this procedure and get started towards the smile you deserve.

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