Why Fillings Fall Out And How Dentists Treat This Problem

A dental filling is a common procedure that family dentists offer. Dentists insert fillings after removing decay from teeth. The fillings "fill" the hole, leaving the tooth whole and strong. However, if you have a filling, it could fall out. While fillings generally do not fall out right away, they can come loose at some point. Here are some vital things to know about losing filings.

Why Fillings Get Loose or Fall Out

A filling is often made of metal, composite resin, or porcelain, and a dentist places it securely in a tooth. Over time, though, the filling might come loose for a number of reasons. First, fillings can fall out if they do not fit properly. If this is the case, it will likely fall out within a few months after getting it. Fillings also get loose and fall out if you place too much trauma on them. A filling can also come out if decay develops on or near the tooth. When you get decay near the filling, it can lead to the filling getting loose and coming out.

What You Should Do If This Occurs

If you lose part of a filling or the entire thing, you should contact a dentist. A dentist will need to examine the tooth to see what happened. You will need to have services completed on this tooth before other issues develop from losing the filling. When you contact a dental clinic, tell them about the problem. They might give you some suggestions of things you can do while you wait for your appointment.

How Dentists Treat This Problem

Dentists treat this problem in several ways. The first way is by placing a new filling in the tooth. If there is no new decay present, they might be able to put another filling in the tooth without removing any of the tooth structure. If there is new decay on the tooth that covers more of the tooth structure, the dentist might recommend a crown. A crown covers a tooth and works well for teeth that have large cavities.

Getting a filling is the first step for treating a cavity. A filling will generally last a long time, but it might not last forever. Good oral care habits can help you prevent decay from forming and fillings from falling out. If you have questions about fillings or need dental services, contact a family dentist today.