Can You Reverse Your Child's Cavities?

Nobody wants to hear that they need a dental cavity filled, and yet that's what happens for most people. Children are especially prone to cavities, which can cause some pain. Many people wonder if there are ways to prevent a cavity from worsening, or if they can even reverse a cavity after it starts to develop.

Cavities develop when teeth begin to decay. If you are able to prevent dental decay in your child, you may be able to prevent cavity growth so that your child is not in pain as they await a dental appointment to remedy this cavity.

How Your Child Can Reverse Dental Decay 

Bacteria is a natural part of the environment inside your child's mouth, but harmful bacteria developing can be a major problem. Keep in mind that while you may be able to slow decay, it is never enough to try natural remedies without talking to a dentist. Dental care is still essential if your child has a cavity, but these techniques can prevent the spread of decay.

Drink Plenty of Water

Substitute soda and juices for water to reduce plaque buildup. When your child drinks water, he or she has more saliva, which is better for dental health. Saliva is required to fight dental decay.

Build a Brushing Routine

Every child should have a solid routine of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. When your child gets into the routine of brushing twice a day and using floss and an oral rinse, he or she has a better chance of reducing cavities than if you do not have a solid routine in place.

Eat More Calcium

Feeding your child different foods, especially those rich in calcium, can make a difference in the health of your teeth. For instance, you may be able to reverse dental decay by adding one more serving of dairy or greens to your child's diet because these foods improve enamel strength.

At this time, you should also consider supplements and vitamins that will improve your child's ability to fight harmful bacteria and inflammation. Probiotics, including yogurt, may also improve your child's health.

Schedule Regular Pediatric Dental Visits

Next, make sure that you schedule your child's regular dental cleanings and exams. Your pediatric dentist can identify cavities and potential cavities so that your child can get the cavities filled before they become painful. Schedule exams at least twice per year to make sure that your child's health issues are identified as early on as possible.