What to Know about Braces

If you are looking to correct your bite, straighten your teeth, or both, braces will likely be your best bet. While a trip to the orthodontist will help you determine if braces treatment is right for your needs, there are a few decisions you will need to make regarding your treatment. Braces are a commitment, and it will take time for this treatment to work. Here's what to know when getting braces. 

What Type Suits Your Needs

The first thing to know if you are looking at orthodontic treatment with braces is that there are a few types of braces to choose from. The most common types of braces are metal, lingual, plastic aligners, and ceramic. Traditional metal ones are probably what comes to mind when you think of braces. However, lingual, ceramic, and clear plastic aligners are options for those who want less visible braces treatment. You'll want to discuss your options for braces with your orthodontist and consider which type of braces is best for your dental needs.

How Much They Cost

The cost of braces treatment depends on how long you need them, how well you follow your orthodontist's instructions, and the type of braces you select. Braces treatment can set you back anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. The more complex your orthodontic needs, the longer your treatment will take and the more it will cost. Some types of braces, like lingual braces, are more challenging to put into place and cost more. Even with dental insurance, you'll still have to pay for much of the costs out of pocket. Consider your budget when choosing your treatment plan. 

They Require Commitment

Before getting braces, you must ensure you are ready for the required commitment. To get your desired results, you will need to keep up with your treatment plan. No matter what type of braces you select, you will need to get adjustments every few weeks. Braces also often require changing your oral care habits and even your diet. On average, you'll have your braces for one to three years, so make sure you are ready for the commitment they require.

If you are planning on treatment with braces, here's what to know. First, there are different types of braces, so consider which type will suit your needs. Second, braces can be pricey, so consider how much they will cost before committing. Finally, make sure you are ready to commit to braces treatment.

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