Don't Just Fight the Symptoms: Underlying Causes of Sensitive Teeth and Their Prevention

On a hot day, there's nothing quite like biting into a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone only to be hit with sudden, sharp pain from your sensitive teeth. Many people turn to special toothpastes to get rid of sensitivity in their teeth, but it's important to note that these toothpastes work by blocking the pain signal from being transmitted inside your teeth. Like taking ibuprofen for back pain, these toothpastes can help with the symptoms; however, it's better to prevent the underlying cause.

Is Lack Of Vitamin D In Your Vegetarian Diet Affecting Your Oral Health?

People decide to become vegetarian for many reasons. For some, it's about reducing the negative impact that livestock farming has on the environment. For others, it's an ethical choice about reducing animal cruelty. And for many, a vegetarian diet is a way to keep in good health. But a vegetarian diet can also affect your oral health. When it comes to maintaining strong teeth and bones, most people think of calcium.

Teaching Your Teen Good Dental Care

As a parent, you know how important it is to monitor your toddler and elementary school children's dental health. The challenge comes in the teen years. Dental hygiene is more important than ever as your kids approach adulthood, but it's often easy to overlook your child's habits. In part, this is because they are old enough to take care of their own teeth. The following strategies can help your teen develop good habits for life.

Make The Most Out Of Your Dental Visit

Experts recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year. This is an important part of your overall health regimen. Skipping routine dental visits can lead to serious dental problems over the years. About 75% of Americans suffer from a variation of gum disease according to the American Dental Hygienist Association. Many of these people have no clue they have this condition. Skipping a dental visit can be due to numerous things including lack of insurance, anxiety, or lack of time.

How To Ease Anxiety Your Child Has About The Dentist

It is common for children to have anxiety about visiting their dentist. It's completely understandable too, as they sit in the waiting room and hear drills and other strange sounds going on in the background that scare them. If you need to ease the anxiety your child has, try following some simple tips. Use Role Play Prior To Their Visit The reason they could be so nervous is because they fear the unknown.