Dark Spots On A Child's Teeth: Numerous Causes With Numerous Solutions

There are several possible reasons for the dark spots that have developed on your child's teeth. However, without having your child assessed by their pediatric dentist, the precise reason is going to remain a mystery. The most pressing concern is that those dark spots are in fact cavities. If so, the cavities will be filled. But it's not a certainty that the spots are actually destructive cavities. Micro-Cavities There are different types of dental cavities, and their earliest stage of development is micro-cavity.

Will You Need New Fillings Before You Can Receive A Dental Implant?

Before a dental implant can be placed, the implantation site must be suitable. If there are any shortcomings, the site must be made suitable. For example, if the bone directly beneath the empty dental socket has lost density (which is a natural response when a tooth has been absent for some time), it must be restored with bone grafting. If your teeth have become crooked, making it difficult to physically fit the implant in the empty dental socket, you may need orthodontic work to create the proper space.

Reasons To Wear Dental Night Guards

Dental night guards are necessary if you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism or teeth grinding is a disorder where people clench or gnash their teeth at night. Night guards prevent direct teeth grinding, thus overcoming all other troubles associated with sleep bruxism. Here are the top benefits of wearing dental night guards before sleeping. Prevent Teeth Damage Teeth grinding while asleep occurs without you realizing it and can result in damaged teeth enamel.

Can You Reverse Your Child's Cavities?

Nobody wants to hear that they need a dental cavity filled, and yet that's what happens for most people. Children are especially prone to cavities, which can cause some pain. Many people wonder if there are ways to prevent a cavity from worsening, or if they can even reverse a cavity after it starts to develop. Cavities develop when teeth begin to decay. If you are able to prevent dental decay in your child, you may be able to prevent cavity growth so that your child is not in pain as they await a dental appointment to remedy this cavity.

Getting Dental Implants? Understanding The Flapless Surgical Technique

More and more patients are opting for dental implants since these restorative options have high success rates and quality aesthetics. If you are interested in getting fitted with an implant, you and your dentist may be discussing your treatment options. There isn't one-size-fits surgery for implant placement. Some people may need bone grafts beforehand, while other patients may be candidates for immediate implant loading. While a lot of implants are placed with the flap surgical technique, dentists can also use a flapless surgical technique.